Power Your Pool

Swimming pools are one of the best parts about living in Florida. With about 260 days of sunshine and and seemingly endless days of warmth throughout the year, our pools receive a lot of attention. However, no matter how much we love our swimming pools, the cost of keeping them maintained can quickly add up. So, how do we go about enjoying our swimming pools and keeping the costs down? By installing a solar pool heater, of course! . . . but, what does this mean, you ask? “Aren’t solar panels designed for roofs and open spaces?” It’s true that most solar panels are installed for home energy or larger-scale use, but a pool heater works very similarly, as it’s installed on the roof of your home. Curious about how the process works? Take a look below to learn more.


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How A Solar Pool Heater Works

While some solar pool heaters vary slightly from the following, the majority of solar pool heaters and fairly straightforward. When the Florida sun shines down on your solar collectors, your pool’s water is then heated by the sun before being circulated. Before pumping into your pool, the heated water passes through a filter to remove and unwanted debris, keeping your pool clean. After your water is filtered, your pump circulates clean, swimmable water into the flow control valve that sends water to the solar collector. But don’t fixate on the term ‘heater’ too much; solar pool heaters can also be used to cool your pool when the temperature’s high. This means that no matter if you want to take a dip in the depths of the dog days of summer or on Christmas Eve with the family, your solar pool heater ensures your pool is the perfect temperature year ‘round.


Save Money and Hassle

Besides being a great investment for maintaining your pool, solar pool heaters save you money in the long run. The U.S. Government estimates that installing a solar pool heating system pays for itself in one-and-a-half  to seven years, dependent upon local fuel costs and other factors. While the installation and upfront costs are what deter some from installing solar panels and solar pool heaters, there are a number of incentive and rebates that can bring down your initial costs — often at up to 30 percent tax credit.


Choose Solar Today

With an ever-fluctuating oil market, there’s never been a better time to invest in solar panels and renewable energy for your home. With Peka Solar’s extensive knowledge of solar panel installation in both Florida and numerous countries across the globe, you can rest assured we have the experience, talent, and dedication to install the best solar energy infrastructure available for you home. Curious for more details about how solar pool heaters and solar panels work? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to learn more about how installing solar panels not only makes a difference in your energy bills but in your life and the health of our environment.