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Solar Panels

A solar panel is a surefire way to harness the incredible energy from the sun. What began in the mid 19th century has revolutionized the energy industry today. Using photovoltaic technology to generate electricity is not a new idea. But it is now feasible to install solar panels on individual homes.

Many people recognize the importance of using renewable energies to power their lives. As a bonus, the federal government offers incentives and rebates to install solar panels and other types of energy-efficient equipment pieces. Together, Peka Solar and homeowners around Cape Coral can help make a difference.

For The Home

Today, it’s realistic for every homeowner to install solar panels on their residence. Luckily, the solar panel industry is booming. That means there are manufacturers creating reliable products. Not only are the panels higher quality, but they are more affordable and more beautiful.

Back in the day, solar panels were clunky and barely worth the investment.

Homeowners today can buy solar panels in different colors and styles from some of the top trusted brands in the game.

  • Helios Solar Works
  • Proinso
  • SMA
  • Westinghouse Solar
  • Solar Depot
  • Alternate Energy Technologies
  • iEnergy
  • Colored Solar

How They Work

To best understand how solar panels work, a quick vocabulary lesson is helpful.

  • Photons: particles of light
  • Photovoltaic: an adjective to describe the production of an electrical current where two substances are exposed to light
  • Net Energy Metering (NEM): Also known as net metering, NEM is a billing contract between the homeowner and the electricity utility company. Efficient users who generate more electricity than they need can sell it back to the utility company for a monetary exchange. Conversely, inefficient users can pull energy from the grid but use net metering credits to offset the energy bill.
  1. Panels Collect Sunlight: Solar panels are comprised of a collection of photovoltaic cells, known as “PV cells” or just “PV” for short. Sunlight shines directly on the panel. PVs collect photons and convert them into voltage, aka electricity. The voltage is a direct current electricity. That means the energy is ready to use right away. However, a house cannot be powered directly by the panels themselves.
  2. Inverters Convert The Power: The house needs usable electricity. Each solar panel includes an inverter on the back. This inverter converts DC electricity into AC electricity, or alternating current electricity. AC electricity is usable by the house. Awesome!
  3. Collect Energy In The Net Meter: AC energy moves from the panels into a net meter. This current travels through cables and wires strategically placed from the panels to the house. The net meter measures how much energy is collected from the panels and how it connects to the grid.
  4. Use The Energy: Now that the energy is comfortable in the net meter, it can be used throughout the house to power your life. Don’t forget you can still borrow from the grid.


PACE program options available.  Solar panels are a large investment for the home. However, they benefit the earth and the bottom line for energy bills in the long run. These rebates and incentives help ease the financial burden of the initial cost.

Peka Solar and Renewable Energy, Inc., installs solar panels for $0 down. We work with each customer to create a finance plan that works for everyone.

Additionally, there is currently a 30 percent tax cut on solar panels.

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