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Serving Southwest Florida for more than eight years, our extensive solar energy industry experience has put us in the lead as your local energy-saving solution provider. With a mission to create a better environment while saving you money through renewable energy, we are proud to offer top-of-the-line solar energy services.

Tapping into our clean, natural resources, like the sun, our goal is to help you reduce your utility costs and change the way you think about solar energy. Alongside providing a number of solar-related products like solar-powered homes, solar pool heaters, and water heaters, we also offer services such as energy audits, residential and commercial solar battery backup, and maintenance on solar installations.

Working on numerous jobs and solar energy projects around the world, including work performed on government buildings, we take pride in our ability to make a difference through solar energy, one job at a time.

Educating you on everything you need to now, our goal is to educate, giving you confidence in your choice to go solar. The more you understand about what “going solar” means, the better off you and your future generations will be. Voted top 500 contractors in the US, Top 10 in Florida Solar Contractor, 2016 Best Renewable Energy Firm, and Best Engineering and Installation by Build Magazine, our goal is simple – to make a change, starting with you.

We invite you to see what “going solar” is all about, and why working with Peka Solar and Renewable Energy may be the right decision for you.

How renewable energy works

Over the last decade, renewable energy sources have been a hot topic of discussion. From solar to wind, renewable energy has really taken off. While you probably are aware of where the energy is coming from, have you ever wondered how these solar systems really work?


As the most common, and well-known type of renewable energy, solar power works by using the energy produced by the sun, and converting it into usable energy through a solar panel. These panels are usually installed at the highest point of the building (the roof), in order to catch the largest amount of natural and unpolluted sunlight. The energy collected is measured in standard-net meters, and property owners can use the stored energy however they see fit.


Hybrid power is a combination of what is used to produce the power and what is used to store it. Its definition is not based on the energy usage “method’, like when talking about hybrid vehicles. Hybrid power uses both power and energy-storage systems, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint and decrease your monthly utility bill.


Wind energy is energy that is fueled by the wind, in a natural, clean, and safe manner. Wind power is known for reducing the amount of pollution, generating equally as much, if not more, power to fuel plant production and operations. Using mechanical power to create electricity, wind turbines convert kinetic energy into usable energy without using any of the power to run itself. Wind energy is one of the most affordable ways to generate a large amount of energy at one time, which is what makes it so popular among power plants and large corporations.